MLV RAW game + DSLR plans

As always enjoying pushing the limits, my good old 7D with the Magic Lantern is capable of shooting RAW video!

The Image quality is amazing however as it brings out the advantages of the sensor/camera – also the disadvantages too. Aliasing becomes more prominent and there is quite a chance that the footage is ruined by it and more and more the VAF AA-filter will be more likely to be an option, however in fact I still very much enjoy taking photos as well with the 7D, thus this brings up the question for the future:

What body would be the next one? It is certain that I will be needed at least one more camera – one mate has the 6D and suggests to have the same for both of us for a possible future collaboration, it would be handy to have the same camera, however it is sure that it would be needed the VAF-filter to get rid off the aliasing issues.

If I want photos – do I want them in the dark? Because then the 7D is not really cool anymore – beyond 400 ISO there is noise.

6D is good for low-light, but it’s focusing system is quite limited and also it does not use CF card, which I’ve invested into quite some already, however this is not really an issue, because SD is cheaper than CF, but slower too.

Furthermore there is 7D Mark II – still APS-C, but with more clever focusing system and promised to be less noisy and  60FPS too!

It would not have Magic Lantern, which is really a support during shoots with it’s magic zoom, zebras, focus peaking, variable bitrate – and RAW!

So then there is 5D MIII – and it is more expensive, but having anti-aliasing filter built-in, cool for low-light, uses CF-card and having Magic Lantern – but not having the latest focus system, in video-auto-focusing, 60FPS built-in – yet it would be more versatile to have one body for most of the works – photo and video as well.

The 5D mk III is pricy – and probably will not have much upgrades anymore, thus it is also question of time when the 5D mk  IV would come – but then it’s again the same timeloop – new features, probably more powerful in low-light, focusing, but no Magic lantern(for a while).

In an optimal world, I would buy all three (5D mIII, 6D, 7D mII)  but one will do first and it is still just about the camera – and for what I plan to shoot in the long term, more glasses would be needed, at least a 24-70, a 70-200 and preferably two more primes, a wider one, like a 14mm and  85mm or 100mm ones. Having the Tokina 11-16, it would be okay for having a wider one(though not ultra-wide), I’ve already tried it on a 6D and on 16mm it is still gorgeous.

What more would be needed? It would be cool to have a Ninja 2(for exploring external recording and a more better monitoring solution than the tablet-DSLRController), a slider, a crane – well, it’s obviously too much money for one step – and it is tempting, because brings up the practical question: How I can make money (for gear)?

What’s the problem with the 7D anyway?

In a controlled environment it looks alright(bright light, but not too bright), in a more controlled one(having lots of time) even for RAW can work, but at times it still bugs and freezes, babbles even with the fastest available CF-card(The 7D can only write up to 80-90Mbps speed, even the card’s spec is 160Mbps).

But the camera physical parameters are so remarkable, after 3 long years of almost every day’s usage within all kinds of environments(from swamps through rivers, spas, -15C cold, 45C hot etc) – it still works just as on it’s first day.  That’s why I dare to push it’s limits in terms of physical intensity and Magic lantern beta usage, for instance recently exploring shooting with MLV format.

Now still working with the MLV RAW workflow, learning offline editing to combine Premiere CC and DaVinci Resolve to find out what codecs with what workflow I find comfortable to speed up working with and it is really promising in terms of image quality, but I have to be able to deal with the aliasing issues.

Even without RAW(which is not really a walkable path for instance on a wedding or a concert as it is too much data for covering hours of recordings) – I’ve managed to take really beautiful shots with the 7D – I am still editing two wedding music clips which I will share in November.

Tribal Fest Budapest VOL5 – OCTOBER 2014

EqualBreath was present in this year’s Tribal Fest to record video of the dancers and also for long-shutter ‘psychedelic’ pictures by specific request(did that with them already) and by that getting more and more familiar with belly-dance and dance in overall as this is probably the 5th time recording such event.

Here is the BEHANCE link for this ‘project’ and  the Facebook event’s gallery of the Tribal Fest VOL5 of EqualBreath photographs.

Last year’s Tribal Fest was the first time for EqualBreath, when already recorded some remarkable dancing performances thus it was a honor to be invited again for this outstanding dance gala.This year’s gala’s topic was ‘Tribes’ – such as multiple nationalities/cultures were represented within tribal fusion belly dance styles. Beyond the fact that the performer women are gorgeous, spirited, they are also exceptionally body-aware, present, physical beings, thus the atmosphere is also really cool.

Today was the finale of the festival, which was an improvisation party wherein dancers could just perform ‘from hip’ without any preparation and within that it was very much enjoyable to see that how much extent they are really comfortable to move and dance freely within self-enjoyment in and as the body.

Videos of the Gala can be seen here

Summer Wedding at Balaton

IMG_6523Visited 2 weddings this summer and this post is about the first one – a friend of mine invited to record videos and eventually make a clip about it.

Wedding is quite challenging in terms of it’s length(all day) and it’s different scenes(from street to church, to dinner and night party) and of course the high expectation of an artistic yet technically satisfying, unique, enjoyable quality with character.IMG_6321-Edit

So this wedding was at lake Balaton – our room was in a college dorm, the 7th floor with beautiful view of sunrise above Hungary’s biggest water, merely 5 minutes walk to the beach.

There were professional photographers all day, thus I was able to fully concentrate on video, though from the dinner I was asked for taking photos as well as the photo guys had left.

It was a small event and after endless amount of live concert recorded the best approach seemed to stick to the techniques what are comfortable mostly – handheld, viewfinder, manual focus, some establishing shots and then lots of portrait closeups, moving IMG_6332‘subjects’.

It would not be fun if not to enjoy trying some completely new techniques as well, this time was the camera left on tripod while remote-controlled with a tablet through Wi-fi, which works quite alright, however it is still not wise to fully abandon the camera for long time. But for making some snapshots about the dances – it worked perfectly.

Not just that – in our room – I was able to remote-record this with the camera being outside on the balcony:

Magic Lantern with DSLRController and TP-Link M3040 had some crash issues before but recently getting more and more stable.

It is still a learning how to use external flash, but still very much enjoying flash-less long time open shutter photos as well. It gives such a moment, people’s character within their physical movement can be cached, not as sharp, vivid, obvious way but more like a compressed, feeling-like liquid, resonant way, which for me reminds to impressionism, expressionism, abstraction sometimes. Also it is the uncertainty mixed up with the accumulating experience and practical knowledge of the circumstances, cameras and vision makes this type of photography to be an always motivating to be explored more and more.

The photographs are delivered and the new wife and husband enjoyed them very much, the photos had not to be ‘professional’, rather to be corky, funny and momentary, however with some hours of Lightroom editing – there was definitely a worthwhile time to learn and expand and it is always room for improvement!

The videos are like several hours, however a final 5 minutes video has been cut already, being it’s final tuning phase(titles/effects/final colors).

It is also challenging to find the ‘proper’ music for the clip – considering the wife+husband, even their family and also the editor who is being exposed sometimes for weeks with the clip – and thus listening too.


Walk Breath as Life – Welcome!

This is Talamon’s ‘speaking’, I’ve just started my blogging about what I do as hobby/job/living.

I am blogging/vlogging since 7 years about Self-realisation/Self-honesty/Self-forgiveness and that is the priority within my online sharing but I want to share more about what I do.

In the last couple of years I’ve been really busy on learning how to work with the Internet, Videos and Music, thus mostly this will be the topic.

There is a vision and a direction behind what I learn and do and expand towards – and it is not a secret but to establish a practical storytelling ability with motion picture to be able to share my insights, realizations, practical approaches for taking responsibility towards a future which is aligned with what is best for all.

More will come later!